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Furnishing for Free

Posted on : 21-08-2012 | By : wengerdsays | In : Events, Uncategorized


This past Saturday, we had another Furnish for Free Event at our warehouse located in Point Breeze.  It was the most successful event so far!  When I got there a little bit after 9 am, I was surprised to see the space full of people who had come with needs hoping to find items they needed!

Last week I had messaged a few people on the WYB website to remind them of Furnish for Free.  One couple had posted a need for a computer chair, which I knew we had in the warehouse.   I wasn’t sure if they had received my message or if they would be able to come Saturday to the event.  About 11 am, a woman walked past me pushing a computer chair.  I recognized her from her photo that was posted on the WYB site.  It was great to see her there, and to know that we had been successfully able to meet her need through Furnish for Free.

We had over 30 people receive items at Furnish for Free on Saturday!  It was a great day for everyone, no matter how old or young!  Everyone found something that they could use.  If you have anything that you’d like to donate, or want to find out more about our upcoming Furnish for Free events, CLICK HERE

People Helping People

Posted on : 23-07-2012 | By : whosyourbrother | In : Uncategorized


We know that everyone who comes to our website is at a different place in how they are connected to Who’s Your Brother… Some people come to the WYB site, and just look around for a while. Others have registered and have posted needs, or have helped someone. In the past few months, our WYB community has expanded dramatically as more and more people have registered, posted needs, and offered to help!

Just the other week, we went out to get some pictures and video of one of our WYB Community Advocates in action! Steve was out in the Hill District responding to a post from Henry who was looking for some help repairing his cement steps. They were in disrepair and needed to be fixed. Steve responded to the post and with some help from Mia, they were quickly able to get to work repairing the steps. Not only was a need met, but a great connection was made as Steve worked to fix Henry’s steps.

To hear what Henry had to say, check out the video:

That’s what WYB is all about… People Helping People!

If you want to hear more stories, learn more about the plans for WYB, or help us to bring about change in communities in Pittsburgh, come to our WYB Community Meeting this Wednesday at Panera Bread Blvd of the Allies from 7-9 pm! We hope to see you there!

Come and Meet Who’s Your Brother

Posted on : 26-06-2012 | By : BinnySays | In : Events


For all of you who missed out on our Gateway Clipper Fundraiser, we have another event coming up that you won’t want to miss! On Thursday, June 28, WYB will be hosting a meet and greet/fundraising event at Eclipse Lounge (3705 Butler Street) in Lawrenceville from 6 to 10 pm.

This event will be a great opportunity to learn about Who’s Your Brother, meet others who are committed to supporting their community, and share stories of brotherhood and community. Accomplished artist Hill Jordan & Slide Worldwide will also be entertaining guests with live jazz music!

This is truly an event that you won’t want to miss. Tickets are just $10 per person, and can be purchased online at: www.whosyourbrother.com/eclipse.php or at the door. Come inspire and be inspired to get more involved throughout the Pittsburgh community, and learn how you can make a difference.

I’ll be there, and I would love to meet all of you too! So mark your for this Thursday, June 28th! I’ll see you there!


Encourage. Inspire. Connect.

Posted on : 30-05-2012 | By : BinnySays | In : Uncategorized


I was on Who’s Your Brother’s website today (if you haven’t been there in awhile, please visit because we’ve made some really nice updates), and I noticed a tagline that I hadn’t paid attention to before. Under the forum tab it says “WYB Forum – Encourage. Inspire. Connect.” This got me thinking about how those three words accurately describe what we are trying to do in Pittsburgh.

Encourage. Who’s Your Brother believes in encouraging people to do things they might not normally do. We encourage people to meet new people, to look at things just a little differently and to help one another. WYB also believes in encouraging ideas and different ways of thinking. Some of our events, like Furnish for Free, were just ideas until they were encourage to become something more.

Inspire. I believe that WYB is inspiring people throughout the community to see the joy in giving. I also believe that through different efforts people are becoming inspired to give, help and support one another, which I think is so amazing and sometimes underrated in our society.

Connect. Connections are what WYB is all about. Through our website, community events and fundraising initiatives, Who’s Your Brother is connecting people throughout the PIttsburgh community. We not only support connections between one another, but we are also working to connect people to local businesses and other organizations. Because when we all work together to support our community – that’s when everyone can thrive.

So my question for you is how are you encouraging, inspiring and connecting with people? If you’re ready to get involved and support your community, visit our website to sign up today, www.whosyourbrother.com.

Out in the Community

Posted on : 27-05-2012 | By : BinnySays | In : Uncategorized


Out in the Community

Who’s Your Brother believes in connecting people and meeting needs, and to do that – we are out in the Pittsburgh community spreading ideas, hosting and attending events, and just meeting and talking to people.

Recently, our WYB camera crew was out in Lawrenceville at an art show, and Elena, one of our WYB Video Hosts, got a chance to talk to Threebird. Listen inspiring interview!

To see more WYB videos, please visit our Youtube page at www.youtube.com/WYBPittsburgh.

Connecting with Each Other

Posted on : 25-05-2012 | By : BinnySays | In : Uncategorized


There are so many different ways to keep in touch and connect with one another. In the past, you had to write letters to each other, then you could make phone calls to each other’s homes. Nowadays it’s all about technology. You can pick up your phone and actually see one another or text each other and get an immediate response.

Well, at Who’s Your Brother, connecting with one another is a vital part of what our organization strives to do. By building connections and helping one another, we want communities throughout Pittsburgh area to grow and build strong ties. And WYB offers many ways for people to connect and engage with one another.

You can reach out and meet the needs of people and/or post your own needs on our website. You can become involved with the WYB community by attending various events throughout Pittsburgh including our Furnish For Free event that happens every month. And you can continually engage, talk and connect with people through our various social media pages including our blog (which you of course visit daily!), our Facebook page and our YouTube page

So today’s the day to reach out and connect with someone new. Find someone through our site who you can share your time, talents and resources with, or attend a WYB event, and meet new people in your community. For more information on Who’s Your Brother, please visit our website at www.whosyourbrother.com. And if you haven’t been to our site in awhile – check it out! We’ve made some exciting new updates!


Celebrating Mom’s Everywhere

Posted on : 11-05-2012 | By : BinnySays | In : Uncategorized


All you kids out there, I’m going to give you a heads up – this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Are you frantically panicking now? Well, don’t worry, I’ve come up with some great and affordable gift ideas to make the mom in your life happy!

Every woman (are you listening out there men?), every women loves to get flowers. But they can get expensive – especially around big holidays like Mother’s Day. So instead of spending $40 on flowers, then a vase and then shipping and handling, why not make things more personal by making her a bouquet of photo flowers. This is a fun and easy craft that you can do with kids, and it’s sure to bring tears to her eyes. Visit: http://crafts.kaboose.com/bouquet-of-photo-flowers.html to learn more!

Have a mom movie night, which includes all the movies your mom is sure to love. Gather round the television and watch a movie as a whole family. Your mom will love the quality time she gets to spend with her loved ones, and to make it more special, choose a movie that your mom is sure to love. Think “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” or “Stepmom.”

Cook your mom’s favorite meal. We’ve all grown up loving our mom’s home cooking – well now it’s time to return the favor. Instead of taking her out to dinner, ask her what her favorite meal is and cook it for her. You can spend quality time in the kitchen, and make her a proud momma by showing off your cooking skills!

So happy mother’s day to all the mother’s out there!

WIN AN IPAD! By Entering WYB’s Mobile Contest

Posted on : 09-05-2012 | By : BinnySays | In : Uncategorized


So you’ve been reading this blog, possibly visiting the website, and throughout our time together you’ve been learning about Who’s Your Brother. As you now know, we are based out of Pittsburgh, and we are working throughout the surrounding communities to connect, help and build a sense of community that has been lacking.

Even though you know all of this, and even if you’ve signed up for WYB account – what you might not know is how you can get involved. Well, today I’d like to tell you about a fun and exciting way to get involved with Who’s Your Brother and possibly win some amazing prizes – a win win situation, right?

All you need to enter into the contest is a WYB account and a smartphone. You can easily pull up the mobile app by going to www.whosyourbrother.com/contest, and log in using your WYB account information. Once you’ve logged in, you can search for participating businesses in your area. Visit the business, make a purchase, and the business will give you a code to confirm you’ve been there. And that’s it – it is really that simple.

For each business/purchase you make, you will move up in the standings, and you will have the chance to win amazing prizes like an Apple iPad, an Amazon Kindle Fire, iTunes gift cards and so much more!

What’s even more important is you’ll have the chance to support your community by supporting local business. Also, these participating businesses have also agreed to yield a small portion to support our efforts at Who’s Your Brother – so you can feel good about spending and giving back to support others.

So take your mom out to one of our participating restaurants this weekend (it’s Mother’s Day you know), and start racking up some points on our mobile contest! To learn more please visit our website at: www.whosyourbrother.com/mobilecontest.php.

Mood Booster

Posted on : 26-04-2012 | By : BinnySays | In : Uncategorized


I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted many random acts of kindness lately, so I thought it was time to catch some of you up on an inspiring random act of kindness that I read. This one is a little different and a little special.

A couple was going to a memorial mass at St. Mary of the Mount. When they got there, they were upset to find that they had no change for the meters. They asked a few young adults that were at the overlook for change to break the few dollars that they had. The young people had no money, but assured the couple that they would go back to their apartment and get money for the meter – and to top it off they wouldn’t accept any money. The couple came out from the service to find that they still had 30 minutes in their meter. They were truly touched by the random kindness of these strangers.

After I read this it made me smile because random acts of kindness can be so simple. Sometimes I think it’s easy to think that to do something nice you need to do something big – but that’s not the case! Instead it’s the small, everyday things that you do for someone like a smile or holding open a door that might not seem like a big deal to you, but it might be that little bit of kindness that the person needed.

The other reason I wanted to share this story, and what makes it a little different, is that someone commented on this post. His comment was very profound, and it stuck with me. The man said that he used to thing that people have stopped caring about one another. He said that he was really upset by what he read about and what he thought the world was coming too. But then he realized that people do care about one another and that there is kindness all around – you just need to look for it.

So that’s my challenge for all of you. Open your eyes and look for the random acts of kindness that are happening around you or even to you. Pittsburgh is filled with wonderful, caring people (including you!), so take it all in and feel inspired today!

Upcoming Events at WYB!

Posted on : 20-04-2012 | By : BinnySays | In : Uncategorized


Who’s Your Brother is holding many upcoming events in the Pittsburgh area. Our last event – Furnish for Free was such a success! Families throughout our community were able to come and get items they needed at no cost to them! The best part about this amazing event is that people get to learn more about WYB and the concept  and joy of giving and receiving.

Our next Furnish for Free will be held on Saturday, April 5th. For more information visit this link.

Another exciting event will be held on Friday, June 22nd on the Gateway Clipper! WYB is hosting a night of fun and relaxation with families, friends and neighbors. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a wonderful evening on the water with good music, a buffet and the opportunity to connect with people throughout Pittsburgh. If you are interested in learning more, or if you’d like to purchase your tickets today, please contact: info@whosyourbrother.com.

Ifyou’re interested in becoming involved with Who’s Your Brother, for volunteering opportunities or just to learn about our goal of connecting people, meeting needs, then you need to visit our website! There you can learn about ways to get involved, and you can sign up online and starting connecting with neighbors in your community today! Visit: www.whosyourbrother.com.

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